Thinking About Making Your Own Archery Bow?

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Do you have the required abilities and understanding about what it takes to make a bow? To create an archery bow could be a tough job. Especially if your new to archery and don’t know about the sport. Also, you will need the correct tools and material to make a bow. It also hinges on the kind of bow that you wish to make.


Do you need the products for the bow you wish to make? Thinking about making your own archery bow?
The items you need can always be bought online. There are good number of sites that provides product that you need for the bow. These sites will certainly have everything your looking for to make the bow of your dreams.


When looking for materials make sure that you find the quality your looking for this will help to ensures satisfaction of your bow for a long time. A quality finished product is a flattering achievement. You will likewise learn a lot while creating the archery bow, and the knowledge you gain can help you in any future bow you make. The first thing is you should have an interest in what you are about to do. Know that it will not be a small task to make the bow. Having an interest will absolutely give you a much better-looking bow in the end.


Now a day’s bows are crafted with lamination of woods and fiberglass. If you were to take the bow apart you would see that the wood that is the spacer in between the two laminations that remains made up from fiberglass. The fiberglass will carry eighty-eight percent of the load. When you start making the bow, you will need to adjust the space. This can be done with the a heavier / thicker core.


The reason you will want to do this is to increase the strength of the archery bow. Immediately the weight of your bow boosts when the thickness of the core of the wood is more than required. It only takes the slightest amount to boost in the density of the wood core. This will make a huge change with your bow weights. Be careful you could do too much and end up making your bow heavy.


A new archer trying to make a bow will have a challenging job. When making a traditional archery bow it is must to select proper wood. You can make archery bow with a range of woods.


Different types of wood include:

  • Osage
  • Lemonwood
  • Orange
  • Yew
  • Maple


Commonly used is Maple when making archery bows. Maple has a tough thick dense wood that has straight wood grained. This the reason it’s commonly used when making a bow. It helps also that it is easy to find this wood.


So, if you are a beginner and insist on making your own bow it is recommended to utilize maple. If you try a different wood, it can be problematic to deal with the knots twist and grain patterns. There are, however, bow kit on the market that can help you and make this process easier.


Bow making kits


The bow making kits contains the items that are essential to make a five’ six” recurve bow. It will have the finest quality product to make the bow. Search around for a good price.


To begin you ought to have a good understanding with the bow’s anatomy. Learn the different terms that will be use in the instructions when talking about all of the different parts. Without knowing the basics, making the bow develops into a difficult job and could be very stressful.




Learn the terms of a bow before you start. If you don’t know all of the terms and parts of a bow how you will know if you have all of the parts in your kit. Know what you’re getting yourself into. Now, do you feel you’re ready to make your first archery bow? Making your own bow should be a fun stress- free time.


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