The Beauty Of Skateboarding

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land surf boardsSkateboarding may not be considered a regular sport, but it is. In fact, it is one of the most unique, physically demanding, but also enjoyable sports that exist. Since it was invented in 1950 by surfers who wanted to practice and demonstrate their skills on land, its popularity has fluctuated but it is still one of the most liberating and entertaining, not to mention satisfying, activities enjoyed by people of all ages. In fact, some skateboarders who started in their teens still love getting on their board, even just to skate and no longer to make tricks.

Skateboards of today have gone a long way from the first land surfboards invented in the 1950s. Back then they literally just attached the wheels of roller skates to wooden crates. The first skateboarding moves were essentially surfing moves they made as they cruised down steep hills.

Design of the skateboard improved because the first skaters had tons of accidents and found their rudimentary invention severely limited in terms of range of motion. Slowly, the skateboard as you know it was invented. Surfboard-shaped skateboards were attached with roller skate wheels 8 inches to both sides of the board that provides the rider stability.

The simple skateboard has since then changed the lives of millions. It is not just a means of getting from point A to point B faster than going on foot, but it is a way to move in a way that is impossible without a board.

The beauty of skateboarding is the limitless creativity that the board presents. Back in the 1960s, before skate parks were invented, skateboarders simply used whatever they had, so they skated on whatever structure is appropriate. The streets are the playground, where buildings, benches, and everything was an opportunity and a challenge.

Over time, skateboarding became a hit and formed communities of those passionate about the sport. Skaters met, shared tricks, discovered new cities, and simply conquered the world with their skateboards. They even developed their own fashion, one that allows them to move freely as well.

In fact, freedom is a key concept of skateboarding. There are no rules and no specific ways to move, although there are some common tricks and tips on how to accomplish them. Otherwise, freestyle skating, invented in the 1980s by Rodney Mullen, is the norm. It is all about inventive flips and other unique moves, which adds to the beauty and creativity of the sport. You can essentially skate in any way you want and do spins, rail tricks, handstands, and everything else. Because of the complete lack of rules and the fun aspect of it, it never feels like a traditional sport.

While expert skateboarders make it look easy, doing these tricks is anything but. Skaters need a lot of practice and patience to master these moves and by mastering the simpler ones, you are more capable of doing more complex ones.

Truth be told, not everyone can really do these breathtaking tricks. Tons of fans still ride because of the feel of the wind on their face and the freedom they feel while riding. If you ever talk to any skater out there, you will realize that it is the freedom that draws them to the board. Moreover, while doing flips on the board, you will feel like flying and defying the laws of gravity. This is the true beauty of skateboarding and the reason why it has attracted millions over the last 60 years.

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